Know your Heart!

Q1. I am 62-year-old…I am generally healthy and have not felt the need to visit a doctor for quite some time. Do I need to get a heart check-up done?

Answer: Yes, regular heart check-up post 40 is recommended


Q2. I used to be a heavy smoker, but have stopped for a while now. Am I more likely to develop a block than my friend who has been a non-smoker all his life?

Answer: Yes, smoking increases the risk of Heart Disease


Q3. My husband’s father had to recently undergo bypass surgery…heart ailment runs in his family. Should I be worried…what should I do to ensure he stays fit?

Answer: Heart Disease can be hereditary. Regular monitoring through annual check-ups or as per your Doctor’s advice is the best way to ensure safety


Q4. I have been a diabetic for 15 years now, am I more at risk that non-diabetics of developing a heart block? How can I keep my heart healthy?

Answer: Diabetes over a long period of time increases risk to your heart. Healthy eating, exercise and regular monitoring are a must


Q5. I have an 80% block in one artery and a 60% block in another artery. On exertion, I get chest pain. Do I need an angioplasty or a bypass surgery?

Answer: Maybe neither. You need to talk to your Doctor, he may ask for further investigations before advising you on the way forward


Q6. I suffer from palpitations quite often, particularly when I over exert myself in any way, climbing stairs, exercising etc. Could it be related to an undiagnosed heart condition?

Answer: Palpitations are likely to be an indication of an anxiety disorder leading to panic attacks. However, sometimes they could be indicative of an electrophysiological condition. It is advisable to consult a cardiologist if the problem persists


Q7. I have an irregular sleeping pattern and my BP is on the higher side – should I be concerned about my heart’s health?

Answer: Irregular sleep pattern along with high BP can be a risk factor for heart disease. Regular monitoring is recommended


Q8. My father’s friend never complained of any ill-health, chest pain or discomfort, yet he passed away due to a sudden heart attack. How does one guard against such non-symptomatic heart problems?

Answer: Sudden cardiac death usually occurs owing to an undiagnosed heart condition. If you have a family history, are a diabetic, smoke, are overweight or have a high stress, sedentary lifestyle, then periodic blood pressure, sugar and heart check is recommended


Q9. My son is 12 and he is over-weight. His grandfather is a heart patient. What precautions should I take to ensure a healthy heart for him?

Answer: Obesity is one of the major risk factors for heart disease, which increases if there is a family history. A balanced diet and regular exercise are a must to counter the risk. Get him introduced to sports.


Q10. I am quite fit…lean and thin. My cholesterol is normal. Does that make me immune to heart disease?

Answer: No, it doesn’t. If you are above 40 then annual heart check is recommended to ensure you are heart fit

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